22 Dec 2008

{It's Christmas!!!}

Firstly Merry Christmas fellow blogland members!!
I am still here I promise, however the reason for my disappearance is that I've been in Hospital! Nothing serious and now on medication to make me better! So last week was my first back at work so it was a bit of struggle been getting back into the swing of things! I am Mega behind on my JYC - but you know what? I'm not stressed! I sat down yesterday and managed a few more pages. But on the bright side I'm looking forward to Christmas!! Hope ya'll are too!!



  1. Hey hon glad to hear you are feeling better now. Have a fabulous xmas my dear!!

  2. good to hear your feeling better
    hope you both have a great xmas

  3. OMG so sorry to hear you've been in hospital hunny. Hope you are on the mend etc. now. Happy New Year to you and lovely Kevin xxx