26 Nov 2008

{Giving me a boost!}

So My little spell of illness seems to have pushed my creativity side out of whack!! But I think I have something to put a little spring in my step again - Journal your Christmas 2008 with Shimelle.
I did this album last year and really enjoyed it, so I think I'm gonna try to do it again - But I have to promise to not get stressed out about it. This is a hobby after all. I really do love Christmas so much! So I need to start collating some Christmas related stuff! - I started to make a little 6x6 album for it with mixed media stuff - but I decided it was too small and not really what I wanted. So last year I did 6X12 so this year I'm gonna do 8.5x11. A little bigger, a nice size and a bit of challenge. So my little cut up 6x6 bits of paper will work out just fine - i hope!? But i might have to shop for a few other little bits of stash!?
And lastly I'm feeling much better but still not 100% - but thanks to everyone for asking!! Lx


  1. Looking forward to seeing what u create hun. I'm really looking forward to the 1st now :o) xx

  2. Another fellow student here, looking forward to seeing what you'll create! :D