5 Oct 2008

{Creativity Has Been Found}

Well it came back! yay! managed to scrap for a bit while getting on with other household tasks. I had a bit of catch of my scrap your day! I had the photos printed but just hadn't got round to scrapping them so here is my August and September.

Also cracked right in with my new kit and created this layout super fast!

IRL news - I'm loving Strictly Come Dancing and X factor!, watched Wall-E Friday -LOVED IT!! and really annoyed with myself we went out last night came about 3 and I'm awake now!!! Can't seem to stay asleep - so gonna do the food shopping and take it easy today! oohhh and I have a new haircut-Lx


  1. Your layout looks great and I really like your scrap your day pages - I made my album but have yet to stick any photos in! Never mind, I'll get round to it soon I'm sure...

  2. I love your scrap your day layouts they look fab! And your LO is really good too :o)

    I must get my 'scrap your day' book finished!