3 Sept 2008

{Learning Something New}

Ok I admit I'm a Shimelle Junkie! LOL!! So I signed up to another Shimelle class (even though still trying to finish My Freedom and have done hardly anything from There's No Place Like Home!!) but moving on for the month of September i'm Learning Something New Every Day

On the 1st September I learnt that doing the food shopping on Monday night after work ain't that bad. I usually hate doing the food shopping but popping in Monday night was fine, quiet, no queues!! Plus tons of places to park even better!

On the 2nd September I learnt that having a coat and umbrella is a very good idea. You see in my last job a parked right outside work so I never needed a coat or an umbrella on a daily basis and on weekends we usually drove everywhere so I would live in hoodies! But this new job I park about 5-10 minute walk away from the office and well yesterday the heavens opened chucked in down and boy am I glad I got myself a coat and umbrella!!

I will add pics of the pages at some point but I did mine for 1st and well I'm not sure I like it!?! Plus I'll need to add photos at some point as well to the pages!!

Right time to do some work.

I wonder what i'll learn today?


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  1. I am all for doing boring stuff in the week too. Enjoy the new class