5 Sep 2008

{Keep on learning}

Yay! the weekend is here finally! Going out for a few drinks tomorrow night as it's one of my scrapping buddies birthday next week!! And also I'm off to get my eyes tested tomorrow as Ive been getting major headaches with my new job!! Taking it's toll on me staring at excel spreadsheets all day - but I'm still enjoying it.

So I finally got round to actually doing my layouts and taking pics of them to upload. Here they are:-
September 3rd I learnt the importance of taking photos and keeping them safe. I popped round to see my Mum after work and my Nan was there too (BONUS!!) She has bought round a suitcase full of some serious old skool pictures!! And it really brings home why I scrapbook so my photos of my life can tell the story. The photo on my LO is of an original photo from my Nan's wedding day - how on trend is she with the waist belted suit jacket!!And also here's another quickie LO I did at the weekend, A few months ago we had a flood! the washing machine leaked and instead of flooding the kitchen it flooded our front room. So we spent about 2 months with no carpet - just a concrete floor! until it dried out. Happily now we have a lovely carpet! OK I'm off, home alone tonight - just had a Chinese - think a glass of wine is called for and watch Ugly Betty!


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