31 Aug 2008


Oh my first double day post!! but I was having a browse on uks and found a post by the uber talented SJ. To which looking on her blog is doing a sunday blog prompt! Well today's was 'What surrounds you today?' so I took a few piccies.

I still have some birthday cards up at the moment - i got some real funky ones!

My new crocs with new jibbets from my amazing mummy!

My bargin-ous!! bag from asda. Cost £8.00, quite big, white with silver polka dots - I love polka dots!

My overflowing bag of ribbon - think i need some more - LOL

Cookie cutters!! actually need to bake some now! opps!

And finally my brand spanking new bag from paperchase! ain't it cool! Lx

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for playing in with the prompts!

    LOVE the cocktail shape cookie cutter!!!

    And paperchase bag - yum!