17 Aug 2008


Life has been so so hectic since my last post. Firstly went on a fantastic weekend away with K - it was great just spending time with him! He makes me so happy. And on top of that I drove!! Now this is kinda a big deal - those who know would know how worried/nervous I am of driving. I've had my licence since i was 17 but I only just drove on the motorway this year. Slowly but surely I'm getting more confident of my ability as a driver.

However our weekend ended with a BANG! got a phone call from my sister and my nan suffered a stroke on Sunday whilst out shopping with my mum and dad. It's been awful seeing her like that but I know she is in the right place, and I went to see her today - She is doing so so much better, she's able to eat, talk much better and even took a little walk out to the gardens. I took her a couple of my recent scrapbooks for her.

And then on Monday I started a new job!! I was so nervous, it's so weird going into the a new environment and having to meet new people and learn new things. I was so used to in my last job knowing it all but having to take in all this new stuff - but I am really enjoying it and really glad i made the change.

Then on Friday K has gone off on holiday for the week so I am trying to keep myself busy - had a crop yesterday, managed 4 layouts with august scrapagogo kit - FAB! colour combination love it - will upload later. At my mum's now for a spot of lunch!!



  1. Hope the new job is going ok, what are you doing now? I know what you mean about driving, I'm not the most confident of drivers but I'm actually better on the motorway than I am around the town because I'm alright with speed and slip roads, I just can't park! Seriously! Hope your nan is doing ok too xxx

  2. hope your nan is doing well now, how is your job going? hope your not too lonely with k gone x