25 Aug 2008

{Birthday Blogging}

Well the past week so has been a bit hectic, had a few deadlines to meet, plus K was on holiday so I was desperately trying to keep myself busy! However he came home just in time for my birthday! - Yesterday I turned 25 - and as everyone keeps telling me, its all down hill now - Thanks!! So on the Saturday K and my MIL (to-be) surprised me with tickets to the Sound Of Music up in the West End. Now a few of you probably now of my love of musicals, and we are lucky enough to live close enough to London to just jump on a train and be there in half an hour. The show was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! absolutely loved it, i love the feeling of coming out of the theatre and I have this massive grin across my face!! Soooo Gooood!!!
Then yesterday was very very chilled - I didn't want to do a big night out or anything, so we visited my parents and my nan (who is doing much better and now at home!) and then in the evening went out to one of my fave Chinese restaurants for dinner with a few friends! A perfect chilled out and relaxed day for me. And present wise I got an ipod shuffle in purple, some yarn to knit a cardy, a sat nav and a AC corduroy album, I sure am one lucky girlie!! Lx

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