4 Aug 2008

{7 years on....}

Hello fellow bloggers - hope you are all well out there?!!

So my life right now is hectic - and Friday is surely gonna be an emotional roller coaster!!! but hopefully things will work out in the end - fingers crossed!

Right tee o - I've kinda gotten behind with shimelles class but I'm planning on catching up (honest!). i haven't really done much scrapping - but have a few things i HAVE!! to get done.

But on Sunday me and K celebrated out 7 year anniversary - I cannot believe it, these 7 years have gone so quickly and as much as me and K have our ups and downs - i love him to bits!! Check out these old skool pics of us!...LOL!!

So to celebrate our 7 llloooonnnngggg years (lol) together we went up to London and took a trip on the London Eye - shame the weather was bad - but it was still fun, makes a change doing touristy things!! even though we live so close to London we don't really take advantage of it. After that we went on a wander to Fulham Broadway for some lunch/dinner at Bodeans!! Fab BBQ restaurant - and what's even better it can come with a side of corn bread - I LOVE cornbread!!

So theres my little trip down memory lane - i might even manage some layouts soon!! Lx

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