22 Jul 2008


OK so real life at the moment is pretty crappy but trying very very very hard to stay super duper POSITIVE!! with a capital P!

So regarding catching up on Shimelle's blog prompts - (slipping behind!!) Yesterday was to discuss our first job - mine was when is was 14 (i think) i started working in a local little bakery, a 'two cooks' if i remember rightly. I used to work there on Saturdays and it was so horrible - standing on my feet all day - the perks were getting fresh bread for my mum and getting cream cakes LOL!!

and today's prompt - my favorite games? I love board games!! Massive fan. I love a good game of scrabble, a round of Trivial Pursuit, a Monopoly Marathon and scheming game of Scattergories.

I have even converted Kevin over to enjoying a good game of scrabble (I also own a PINK version!!)

But as much as I love a good board game - I enjoy playing computer games too.

For Christmas we got bought a Wii and i LOVE it to bits! it's so much fun! I also have a DS which i really like as i like the fun type of games. Above is my fave at the mo on the Wii - Mario Karts!! FAB!!

On a more organised note - i have got my stash sorted for my weekend away which makes me feel much more calmer and together - Just gotta sort out clothes now!!


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  1. The Wii looks so cool - I got Ed a PS3 for Christmas and in return, he bought me the Singstar game for it - hours of fun! Now I'm just saving up for the new and improved Buzz...
    Hope you are feeling a bit cheered up and you have a great weekend xxx