11 Jul 2008

{Poetry and Motion}

Yesterdays' blog prompt - your fave poem? well i am not a big poetry fan but reading Laura's blog post i remembered those poems from primary school - and them being read to us by the teacher OMG - how many years ago was that!!?? 'Please Mrs Butler!'

But even though i'm not a big poetry fan - Both me and Kevin are HUGE music fans - Itunes plays a big part of our household! So I may not have a fave poem I often feel inspired by music lyrics (which are kinda like poems!!) One lyric which i love is by Kanye West ft T pain - the Good Life - {The best things in life are free, so lets go on a living spree!}

How cool is this album cover - a little bit Bam Pop if you ask me!?

And have you guys seen in the press recently re silly song lyrics?? Check out these for a laugh--->

  • Cos your body ain't Pamela Anderson, and it's a struggle to get you in the caravan (Timbaland)
  • I Love you like a fat kid loves cake (50 Cent)
  • I use mouthwash, sometimes I floss (Kate Nash)
  • Lucky that my breasts are small and humble so you don't confuse them with mountains (Shakira)

Shocking really!!! lol!! :)

Ok so finally - so I'm all up to date - The speed in which i live my life? Hmmm well today at work was awful had so much to do that time just seemed to disappear - BUT i was SO happy to see 5.30pm roll around - not that I'm wishing my life away. In general I'm happy with my life chugging along and try not to wish it away - I remember being 17 and not being about to wait to turn 18! lol! I like to take my time to get things done and hate feeling in a rush!! I just end up getting myself in a panic - and don't achieve anything!

On that note....off to a crop tomorrow! (I'm well happy as photobox delivered my pics today!!) see you in the morning Laura!!


P.s - thanks for the comments guys - I think i'm getting used to this rambling on to myself!! LOL!!


  1. I nearly chose song lyrics too, until I realised I did know a few poems from way back. Looking forward to seeing your pages xxx

  2. Loving how your blog is developing, it looks great!

    The font is lovely!

  3. Keep up the blogging, it's great.
    Look forward to seeing your LOs.
    It was lovely to meet you at the Getaway

  4. Great Blog - and lovely photo of you mine was a bit of song lyric and a bit of poetry (the only bit of poetry I know that well !) It was good to meet you at the Getaway x

  5. LOL at Please Mrs Butler - I remember it well