14 Jul 2008

{Look How She's Changed?}

Today's blog prompt was to upload some older photos of yourself and write about what has changed. Well I've just recently found this picture of me...
I have no idea how old I am in this pic - but i love the fact I'm surrounded by paper and pens - I shall so be scrapping this one. Well I think a lot changed since taking this pic - Primary School, High School and then College and Uni. A lot of growing up, which leads to these pics.
Both of these are taken at the end of Uni - Both me and Kevin have got out degrees in Graphic Design. Which was a lot of fun to study but I decided in my second year that this really wasn't career for me. As much as I love designing - i think my scrapping is now my creative output. These pics were 2004 and since them, we have both taken on different paths work wise, we've moved in together and both grown as people. I've even turned domesticated i could hardly cook a thing while living at home, i could bake!! but could not cook a meal. Now I'm a fully certified meal planning Mrs!! And you know something - I LOVE IT!!!

Catch ya later. Lx


  1. I LOVE the photo of you two in your graduation gowns - great stuff :) How great that you got a Graphic Design degree - sometimes wish I could go back and do something creative, though I totally enjoyed my History and Politics degree too. Think I just miss uni! xxx

  2. That graduation picture is fabulous

  3. Yeah! Welcome to Blogland - hope you have fun blogging! Great pictures you've posted

  4. love the photo of you baby scrapping lo! you should definatly scrap this!