10 Jul 2008

{Lets CATCH up!}

So seeing as I started this little blog-ee a bit late, i'm behind on the blog prompts from Shimelle's my freedom class so let's have a little round up then hey>>?

So when asked what era of time would I like to visit!?----> The 70's! a bit of disco baby!!! I would of loved to shake my stuff to wearing platforms and flares!! lol!! very apt with the release of Mama Mia in the cinemas! SO wanna see this, saw it at the West End years ago - and it was FAB!!

Moving on - Next subject ---> TRAVEL!!! - well i'm not a big traveller, haven't visited many places (Holland, France, Portugal, Canary Islands and New York!) - but without fail i ALWAYS over pack (even for crops! i have the inability to pack light!!) -I always take too much stuff!! My general travel esentials in my hand luggage include wet wipes, bottle of water, sweets, sudoko, face cream - plus a good book, my ipod and something crafty to do! This reminded me of a layout, the lovely lushilcious girls over on UKS set a challenge - The Desert Island Wishlist - below is my attempt....

Right now time for me to relax - had a blimming awful day at work - think I deserve a glass of Rose - catch ya later Lx


  1. Loving the new blog and love the photo as well Leanne. Need to do my own take on this challenge now xxx

  2. Yay welcome to blog land about time too lady!!! Be warned its addictive!!!

  3. great new blog! Love this layout!