19 Jul 2008

{Happy Saturday!}

Well at least it ain't raining huh??
So another week is over!! and the weekend is here - yay - hope your all enjoying it!! Spent the day relaxing, starting off with the regular shopping trip (how much is this stuff costing now!??!!!) then lunch with my nan, mum and dad! Back home to play some wii mario karts with Kevin and his nephew - read a bit of my book, cook some dinner and now a bit of blogging. Lucky lady is me!?
I'm starting to stress out a bit as I'm off away next weekend, with Laura, Rachael and Katherine off to a little retreat in Thornham! - but you see I'm a bit strange!! I freak out a lot especially when trying to get myself sorted and together. I'm a obsessive worrier, and worry about all the 'what if's!!' it's not good for me and it drives K up the wall. But I'm trying very very very hard to stay calm and organised!!

Well let me share a couple of pics coming to layout very soon - last weekend me and K took a trip to a local toy shop to pick up a new game for the Wii (Mario & Sonic Olympics) but while there we managed to take a few sneaky pics!!
and also today managed to finish off one side of my multi sized layout - can't finish off the other side as i being the doughnut that i am, I keep forgetting to order the final photo i need!!

it's all pictures from my recent GoGo retreat - which was fab!!

Catch ya later Lx

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  1. That multi pocket layout is gorgeous! I must get me one of these methinks...
    We are a PS3 family here, I'm saving up for the new Buzz game!