13 Jul 2008

{Crop Day!}

Well had a fantastic crop yesterday with the ladies in Cheam!! And I'm sure glad I managed to get my layouts for Shimelle's class done!! Sitting next to the very inspirational Laura we cracked on and had completed both DLO by 2.00 o'clock!!

So firstly a little bit about time...

Here's my layout showing the different ways I tell the time in my everyday life - you see, I don't wear watch, I used to be so obsessive about knowing the time so I just weened myself of wearing a watch - but the ways I find out the time now is my phone, the freeview planner, front room clock - and the computer at work or home!!

Here's a close up of the journalling I found it really interesting when compiling the journalling - I read back through the notes i'd made from the prompts and I was quite amazed of all the things i make {TIME} for in my life!!

And then travel....

My main modes of transportation is my car and walking. But I'm thinking in the future this might change.
Really pleased with the layouts I did, I even managed to use a few bits of scraps of paper to complete them both which is always good. The only thing now is I need to find an album to put them in!! I did things pretty much round the wrong way -I decided I wasn't going to pick an album size until I started working through the prompts and this is how they ended up 8.5x11 Portrait - Never done this size before but really enjoyed it! - Talking of page size my great friend Laura gave me some different sized page protectors yesterday a few of them are the multi sized slots (check out here fantastic creation here) in one layout which i started working on yesterday as well just need to get it finished!!

And on a final note - went out partying last night in Revolutions in Clapham Junction for a friends birthday - so watch out for some layouts being created soon...

Me & KevinMe and Kevin's brother Dean doing Vodka shots - Dean has banana and mine was Parma Violets.And me and Kevin with the birthday girl, Daniela - she was as you can tell a little drunk!!

Speak later



  1. Looks like you had lots of fun on your night out! I love your pages, especially your travel one - really great colours :)

  2. yuk, parma violets, that's rank!

    But your LOs are lovely, as ever! Thank you for beimh my scrapbooking friend, can't wait to see your multi-page one finished, it looked so great at the half way through stage yesterday!