24 Aug 2015

GBBObloggers2015 // Naan Bread Fail

Bread week is not my fave! I seem to have serious fail gene when it comes to making bread. But these weeks challenge of quick bread I have dreams of paneer stuffed naan bread. I read recipes, looked on Pinterest, headed to the international shop to get paneer, I made plans. And I failed. 

Well they were nice but we're more like a flatbread than anything. 

I used a simple receive of 3 cups of self-raising flour to 1.5 cups of natural yoghurt. With a bit of salt and pepper. The dough was lovely and soft. And I used fresh coriander and nigella seeds with them. Cocunut oil on griddle pan to cook them. And they did taste yummy and went well with the Thai green curry I cooked up for our anniversary dinner. 

For the "stuffed" ones I chopped up some paneer, onion and coriander in the food processes. Added tablespoon of mixture into the dough. Made a parcel and re rolled them out. Hubby really liked he stuffed flatbreads and said they tasted good. 

So here's my "fail" they all got eaten but they were not as epic as I had dreamed. 

Oh and my anniversary gift from hubby. 
I'm all prepared for the following weeks. 

Happy baking. 

21 Aug 2015

Memory quilt // part 1

I may be an avid crafter but sewing is one thing I'm terrified off! Now I have a sewing machine but getting it out and actually using it fills me with nerves. But I am going to attempt (attempt being the operative word) with the support of some awesome friends and family around me, to make a memory quilt using baby gros and clothes the boys have worn over the years. I'm using this tutorial http://coconutrobot.com/2014/06/how-to-make-a-baby-onesie-quilt/ for the basis of my quilt. 
I started with a box of selected baby gros and vests and tops from the boys. I sorted them out during the packing up of the move. 
First job was I cut the seems and sleeves to make into flat pieces of fabric to be using to get the squares from. 
Which left me with a box ready to make into a quilt. 

The tutorial recommended interfacing he back of the pieces before turning into a quilt as it makes them more sturdy. Seeing as this will be my first big project I followed the rules and my lightweight intrefaceing I cut into large squares than the 5.5inch square I'm planing for the quilt top. My thinking is then I cut and trim them down smaller. 
My little stack of fabric pieces is growing and brings back memories. I still have a fair few to go but I'm pleased that I've made a dent in starting it. We shall see how it turns out!

15 Aug 2015

Movies on the Move with Twentieth Fox Home Entertainment

We parents have all been there. Your on a long drive or trip - and along with the planning and packing of all the usual holiday paraphernalia (trunks, towels, chargers etc etc) The next throught which pops in my head - How will i keep these little angels entertained? The usaual suspects - colouring books, crayons, travel games... next thought Technology, which is now so much quicker and easier than every before. And so much more accessible.

We are big fans of movies in this house and now the team over at Fox Home Entertainment are working in conjunction with Gatwick Airport offering holidaymakers the chance to use the free high speed wifi to be able to download on the go. Head straight over to the digital download area (in the childrens soft play area in the south terminal) and connect to the Movies on the Move wifi - then you will be directed to the Fox Movie download page  - there you can browse a selection of movies like Penguins of Madasgcar, Night at the Museum:Secret of the Tomb, How to Train your dragon.

And even if your are not jetting off on your holidays you can still get an awesome deal by downloading the Movie of the Day app - its free to download and each day offers you the chance to download a Fox film at a discounted price, keep an eye out for a bargain.

I've downloaded the Penguins of Madasgar and The Night at the Museum - perfect distraction for the boys from the rainy days and the recent move. The boys love having some chill out time with film ( sure at the moment their favorites are musicals!) and who doesn't love a snuggle on the sofa!? Or in your brand new bunk bed if you are 5 years old!!

Other essentials I am keeping on hand to keep them entertained - colouring books and colours, a travel game of connect 4 is a big hit (thanks Fox for those!! Little Nat is loving this as much as his brother!) plus lego in various stages is helping me survive these last few weeks of the summer holidays.

Enjoy the film nights, and let me know what films you have downloaded.

14 Aug 2015

GBBOBloggers2015 // Double Chocolate and Nut Biscotti

Exciting time of year - new bake off to watch, talk, bake and blog about . Oh happy days.

Along with some other lovely talented bloggers and bakers I am planning on baking along with Bake Off- one way to put my new kitchen to the test hey? Seeing as we were moving in Week 1 I missed Cake week (sads - but I still might try my hand at a Madeira Cake)

This week on The Great British Bake Off the challenges were:

  • A signature Biscotti 
  • A technical Arelens
  • A showstopper biscuit box and biscuits.

Seeing as this was the first run out in my new kitchen I thought it would best to keep it simple - I'm sure I will up the complexity as I get used to my oven (at least I hope so). Biscotti of some sort it was - I did some browsing for inspiration and found it in an old Bake Off cookbook (winning)

These bakes (i'm hoping) will also coincide with a little challenge set my a lovely lady on instagram Ladybugnina - she has recently completed a personal challenge of cooking at least one thing from every cookbook she owns. Now I have a serious cookbook addiction, but I think I could do this too. I use my cookbooks a lot but thought it would be fun to try this too. I'm using the hashtag #useyourcookbooks if your'd like to play along...

Now seeing as Mr Hollywood was so anti the chocolate biscotti last night, I thought I would laugh in his face and try my and. This is the first time I have made biscotti, and the dough was super sticky. So much so I added more flour than in the recipe. Instead of almonds I use a 150g bag of mixed chopped nut and then a bag of dark chocolate chips. They mixed in well into the dough and no sinking.
The first bake came out well. I left them to cool while sorting the boys into the bath. I think I did slice mine a bit too thick after they cooled but I did not want to make them too rock hard on the second bake (I've had rock hard one in the past and they are not great) but these have a good crunch - could of done with a little more time in the oven - but bathtimes and bedtimes came first, so they will do. They do taste yummy and i'm looking forward to one with a coffee over the weekend. I will be trying them again - I would like to do one with some dried fruit in the mix, I think the sweetness from the dried fruit will be nice.

There's me done. They have had the thumbs up from the family. I was thinking of dipping half in chocolate, but hey they still taste pretty good without it.

Linking up with the lovlies over at #GBBOBloggers2015 - roll on bread week (eeekkk)