10 Dec 2014

Making a list.

15 days till Christmas. 15 days, two weekends left until the big day! And it's sure getting hectic. Mainly in my head. There's a lot to do and remember. I've got lists all over the place. My lists include. 

* what presents have been bought (and where they are as some are squirrelled away at others houses!)

*what presents are still to buy (yes I am not organised so the shopping is not finished)

* ingriednets I need to buy to make a trifle for Christmas Day. In fact I need to research a recipe on that fact as I'm still not 100% sure how that works. 

* things I need for Christmas Eve. We're having a few people round so it's mainly party food and picky bits!

* things I would like to bake! Always over Adventourous. Poorly children meant mummy duty was in full effect so the  Christmas kitchen Adventures have not happened!

*various other things I would like to achieve or need to remember. Like my nephews birthday (and the things I need to do for the party) crochet up some teeny tiny stars (just because) write Christmas cards. And that's not taking into account the things I have to remember at work. 

Is it no surprise I feel a little all over the place this time of year!

9 Dec 2014

Christmas2014 // Christmas Ornament Cards & Minted

Christmas cards - a serious pain for me at chritsmas. I always forget someone, don't buy enough, post them too late. I find time to sit down and write them and still and still end up forgetting someone. Even if I have a list. But I love them. I love seeing them strung up around the front room, see friends and families sending well wishes and love and christmas Joy. With M first school year we have already started reciveing cards home from his little friends - and he sat down a wrote all his over the weekend too. 

The lovely people over at minted asked me if I would like to try out their site for some Christmas cards this year. Their site is beautiful  - stylish designs, lovely ideas and the abilty to personalise them. There is photo cards, non photo cards, gold foiled cards and you ca even upload all your addresses to get the enevelopes printed for you!!

They are based in America, but I placed my order last week and they arrived on Monday - super quick and really well packaged. The postage to UK was super resonaable too. I was able to upload the photos directly to site, your able to make minor edits to the photos too.

I decieded to try something a little different and opted for the Photo Ornament Cards. They include envelopes and and ribbon. I went for a double sided version. There are lots of designs to pick and you can change the shape of the card, and edit the text. I went for a small order to send to family mainly - as who else would want our pictures on ther christmas tree! plus i put the boys picture on the front as that really what they want anyway!

I'm so pleased with them! Such a lovely keepsake for our family members!! Super excited to give these out now!

***Please note I was sent a voucher to try out Minted.com. All the thoughts and feedback are my own***

8 Dec 2014

Christmas2014 // Photo Gifts

I take a load of photos. Mainly on my phone. My camera roll on my phone is heaving and bursting at the sides. This time of year the thoughts turn to gifts for others and photos gifts are now I think more popular than ever. The influx of capturing life on a handheld camera makes it so easy - so easy to save photos, send photos and take photos. Snapfish asked me to try out their photo gifts - and they had a hefty list. From calendars to mugs to notebooks and to Christmas tree ornaments. I tried out a selection and it was really simple.

I uploaded the photos via the app on my phone, free to download and able to access my whole back library the upload was quick. However you are unable to access the gift list via the app. Once they had been uploaded I used the website to browse, pick and edit my gift choices. It was a simple process and able to make changes and personalise the gifts.

They arrived quick (unfortunately one of my gift picks has gone missing in the post! But they have sorted that out quickly for me - their online chat is great!)

I picked a photo mug - which has present collages that you can fill with the photos. The print quality is great. A photo calendar - there are tons of sizes and layouts available to pick. The Christmas tree ornament - its ceramic and has the date on it. I love getting new tree decorations each year to add to our tree - must make a note to order one of these next year, its lovely. And a notebook which I think I might try using for blog ideas. I opted for plain paper instead of lines. It is nice but the cover is a little thin - there are other options available to.

There have a real broad range of different types of gifts to work with whatever budget or person. I would recommend giving them a try and see if you can find that perfect gift fro that difficult to buy person. 

Happy holidays 

***Please note I was sent a voucher to try out the gift selection from snapfish. All thoughts are my own***

4 Dec 2014


this year M really gets it. Really gets the whole count down. Each morning he's excited to open the door. See what's behind then he sits and builds the little figure. It's so lovely to see him grow, watch his little hands build and create, see his eyes light up as he finds the number and open the door. He really is a lovely little thing. And proud mummy moment this morning when he opened today's door. "Mummy I don't have to copy the picture I can build it in any way" yes M you can. You imagine the world any way you want. Build. Create. Dream. 

It's so lovely to watch him make his own memories to find his place in the world for him to imagine and embrace the festive seasons. It really is so special to watch.