25 Jun 2015

ProjectLife // how I am keeping it simple.

I love my ProjectLife/Yearly albums - I really do. I love creating them, curating them and making them part of my life. It makes me super happy. I don't like all the time they can take up. Last year I look the quick way out and creating just a simple photo album. This year I wanted to go back to a ProjectLife weekly style album. And I have take steps to make it work for me. I talk more about the hows and why in my video below and give you a guided tour of the album so far!!

Here's some of links to what I use.

The ProjectLife App - Its really easy to use, and the print quality is good. Plus I can lay in bed on a sunday evening and work on my layouts.

Photobox App - Again, I can upload direct from my phone and print at the end of each month.

I use projectlife albums and page protectors which you can from Hey Little Magpie here in the UK. I have no new stash and am making do with what I have. (Though I will need to get some new pens and adhesive soon!) but I did pick up a few bargain pieces at TK Maxx.

Hope you like the video - any questions, anything you want to see more off just hit me up in the comments box!! 


24 Jun 2015

Edwards Family Cookbook // Mango & Milk smoothies

It's been awhile since I've done one of these posts. What with one thing or another my kitchen has been a bit well boring. I've been following slimming world which is a great way of loosing weight and works well. I just find myself stuck in a rut cooking wise. So post out holiday I decided to stop going to meetings, but till follow the plan. And by doing that the guilt of whipping up a cake in my kitchen was lifted! 

M has been getting more and more interested in cooking and making things in the kitchen. And he has been rather amazed that his mum does know how to make bread. Go me!

This evening request was burgers (easily done and eaten by the kids!) and mango smoothies. 

Here's what we added to our smoothies

1 whole mango peeled (badly!)
1 browning banana 
1 tin of mango slices (and a bit of the syrup)
1 orange muller light
And some  full fat milk (no juice in the house!)

All whizzed up and blended together. 

He's now requested smoothies every night. Not sure how I feel about that! 


11 Jun 2015

Edwards Holiday // The Portugal Memories

Well I survived our first holiday aboard, yes i did panic - and it was all ok in the end (apart from forgetting the car seat on the way to airport to fly out to Portugal and urgently calling my mum to contact the hire people to add to our order, I pretty much remembered everything) The kids and us had a lovely time enjoying the sunshine in Portugal. Here's a round-up of some of the things I want to remember from our first family holiday abroad.

1// The whole airport experience. We flew with Easyjet and had no complaints. We checked in quickly and was able to get onto our seats swiftly. Very little hanging about. And watching M's face light up as the plane started down the runway. He kept looking out the window - amazed at the fact we were soaring above the clouds. N did not have such a good flight out and cried most of the time. I am putting that mainly down to teething I think and on the way back was much better (and medicated with calpol!!)

2// driving abroad. I totally did that. I'm not a natural driver and it was only a few years ago I got the confidence to drive distances. But I drove (not far granted) but I did it. And it was a manual car! High fives to me. 

3// the beach. It was beautiful down there. I'm not a lay in the sun for hours kind of person. But the beach was beautiful and I managed a few quite moments with my book while supervising the boys. M loved the water. N not so much but he enjoyed the sand and the shells

4// watching the boys run through sprinklers in there pjs. Our villa had some which turned on automatically. The joy in these boys faces as the cool water landed on their faces. The laughter and giggles and it sprung around them. 

5// watching some dear friends get married in a beautiful setting surrounded by friends and family. It was beautiful day, the bride and groom looked beautiful and we were so thankful to be invited and that we were able to be there with them. Such a lovely day. 

6// spending time with my little family. They give me a headache sure and it's not always realaxing but we had such a lovely time together. That's the important thing. Walking the streets on Alvor, stopping for a drink (rose wine if you please) and eating some yummy food. 

7// Maxwell on the last day falling asleep before dinner was served. Signs that's this boy well and truly put his all into
His holiday that's for sure. 

I have a load of memories made. Little snippets of smiling faces, cuddles and kisses, holding hands and having fun. We loved Portugal and its was such a family friendly town. We stayed in a beautiful villa and had a lovely family holiday. I'm very thankful for the time we had together. 

Love my crazies. 

29 May 2015

Edwards Holiday // The Prep

WARNING // Do not be reading this post expecting amazing ideas and hints about travelling with children.

Instead you will probably get a sense of urgency and panic in my ramblings. Sorry.

I am not a natural traveller, I am a natural born worrier. Which makes things like planning for a week abroad with two young children a little bit more emotional than probably is needed. It been lots lists, texts, worry, tears (yes I will admit it) and feeling overwhelmed. But as flight day approaches and ticks are being put on my list, bags are being zipped and plans are in motion - I still feel sick at the thought of what could go wrong, but also feel a little calmer knowing I have tried my best.

Here are the steps I carried out prior to travelling - just in case it helps anyone.

1// Sending off the passport applications early!! The kids ones came back super quick but I made sure we got these done with plenty of time - meant less worrying that they wouldn't turn up.

2// I scanned copies of passports and drivers licences. Emailed copies to my mum and printed off copies to keep. Just in case anything happens, this way we have the passport number still recorded/

3// Printed off and emailed copies of documents like travel insurance or car hire. Easier than trying to find the information on my phone if needed while we are out there.

4// We have opted for hand luggage one roll on cases and one back pack -  the plan being that the back pack will be used during the day on holiday for carting about all the stuff kids require when out for the day.

5// Its only a short flight, so i have made sure our hand luggage has snacks to keep the boys entertained!! 

6// I've downloaded onto our kindle a selection of programmes via the Iplayer app and the Amazon prime app. Your able to download some programmes to the tablet to be able to view offline. This again should help keep little ones entertained.

7// I've made sure to pack a lightweight blanket in hand luggage just in case little ones get chilly. Sure were we are travelling to is warmer then here - but that does not stop little ones feeling the cold at times.

8// Pack a pashmina!! For the same reasons above, but I always try and carry one with me - makes a perfect blanket, coverall, extra layer, sunshade etc.etc.

9// I've tried to pack light - sticking to block colours for tops means able to mix and match with either denim shorts, maxi skirt, patterned trousers. Also wear layers for the flight.

10// try and stay calmer than me.

Listing out all the measures I have made in the run up to our holiday does make me feel a little better.

just a little.

Happy Holidaying People.