29 May 2015

Edwards Holiday // The Prep

WARNING // Do not be reading this post expecting amazing ideas and hints about travelling with children.

Instead you will probably get a sense of urgency and panic in my ramblings. Sorry.

I am not a natural traveller, I am a natural born worrier. Which makes things like planning for a week abroad with two young children a little bit more emotional than probably is needed. It been lots lists, texts, worry, tears (yes I will admit it) and feeling overwhelmed. But as flight day approaches and ticks are being put on my list, bags are being zipped and plans are in motion - I still feel sick at the thought of what could go wrong, but also feel a little calmer knowing I have tried my best.

Here are the steps I carried out prior to travelling - just in case it helps anyone.

1// Sending off the passport applications early!! The kids ones came back super quick but I made sure we got these done with plenty of time - meant less worrying that they wouldn't turn up.

2// I scanned copies of passports and drivers licences. Emailed copies to my mum and printed off copies to keep. Just in case anything happens, this way we have the passport number still recorded/

3// Printed off and emailed copies of documents like travel insurance or car hire. Easier than trying to find the information on my phone if needed while we are out there.

4// We have opted for hand luggage one roll on cases and one back pack -  the plan being that the back pack will be used during the day on holiday for carting about all the stuff kids require when out for the day.

5// Its only a short flight, so i have made sure our hand luggage has snacks to keep the boys entertained!! 

6// I've downloaded onto our kindle a selection of programmes via the Iplayer app and the Amazon prime app. Your able to download some programmes to the tablet to be able to view offline. This again should help keep little ones entertained.

7// I've made sure to pack a lightweight blanket in hand luggage just in case little ones get chilly. Sure were we are travelling to is warmer then here - but that does not stop little ones feeling the cold at times.

8// Pack a pashmina!! For the same reasons above, but I always try and carry one with me - makes a perfect blanket, coverall, extra layer, sunshade etc.etc.

9// I've tried to pack light - sticking to block colours for tops means able to mix and match with either denim shorts, maxi skirt, patterned trousers. Also wear layers for the flight.

10// try and stay calmer than me.

Listing out all the measures I have made in the run up to our holiday does make me feel a little better.

just a little.

Happy Holidaying People.

26 May 2015

Bullet Journal // The beginning.

Naturally I am not organised - it may seem from the outset that I am - but really I am not. I'm a mess mostly, with a million thought zooming round my head with things I need to remember/do etc. I've always had issues with lists, as they make me feel more panicky as I have a long list and I cannot see the end of this list. But with our impending holiday I grabbed a notebook and starting making small lists. I've tried calendars, diaries, apps - but they never seem to work. However my system of making a few notes in one notebook and carrying about seemed to be doing the job. And rather than one massive list I started pages for different things - crudely split between Holiday, Life, things to remember.

I remembered something I had read about awhile a go, a system developed by Ryder Carroll called Bullet Journal. A system which uses one notebook, that you help track, record, remind etc. using a series of simple groupings, listings and logging.I had a watch of the video then a search of the hashtag for some ideas. I grabbed my notebook, a pen and set about a way that would work for me.

I set up my index using the pages I had already started with my life logging, popping them straight in there at the front.  Decided to setup my weekly pages with a left-hand side split into 6 grouping Saturday and Sunday into one box. Headed it up with the week we are in (which ties into my projectlife album) And marked out some key tasks/appointments that I knew would be coming up. 

I planned some icons to use for my purposes, looking at some that others had done. Adding in tickboxes makes me a little bit happy. On the right hand side I setup a little tracker of things I wanted to record - like if I read, or crafted or managed yoga. Things I wanted to be able to see visually and that making my thoughts of my week I achieved nothing, actually I did. Added in a little box to track dinners - which kick starts my meal planning for the week. Followed below with a list of other things which I should do this week, but no set day on completion. 

I like the monthly tracker and task lists - I've written out my June one, viewing it at a glance is useful. I'm able to ear mark stuff going on and track back when things need to be completed by. I've even slotted in some collection lists or books I've read, books I'd like to read, an on-going craft list of what I have on and would like to complete, (may have also added in a tracker of the stylecraft colours I own and some colour combos I like) 

Having it all in one (small) place is currently working. I've never got on with the bulk of a filofax, and this being just a small notebook slots into my bag. I've been able to add in little notes of what we did that week, reminders to do my photo collages from the week. So far this is working for me, so far - it will change I expect that, currently it serves a purpose of getting my head straight.

If you use a planner or anything, let me know in the comments - id love to see how you make yours work for you. Mine is simple, and as much as a moleskin or lechtrum notebook would be lovely - I'm making do. Little scribbles and notes make me smile. I'm getting into a habit of checking my notebook in the morning and before bed - making little updates having a read of my to do list. 

So far it is working. So far.

19 May 2015

Plasticine and the joys of box opening

A box arrived last week - a box full of fun plasticine. I had a cheeky look inside - but decided it would be better to get the big boy opening and showing his wares and he sure was happy!! Take a look. Excuse little man who was also trying to get in on the action!!

Plasticine is an awesome product - the fact it does not dry up is a plus for me as dried out old playdoh makes me feel blah. This really holds it shape and allow model making. Thinking I might even pop a pack in the suitcase for our holiday!

You can check out the goodies we got here. The tub is awesome with a great selection of products to play with. And now big boy wants to film himself with more plasticine videos!! The colours are really true and bright - perfect for little hands.

17 May 2015

#magicsquaresplaydates with Petits Filous

I Being a mum is sometimes tough and stressful but taking time out to have fun with your kids is not only important but makes you realise how awesome your kids are.

There are simple things we add fun into out daily lives.

*singing loudly and dancing like a loony. This is fun activity and they really don't mind if you can't carry a tune or your dancing is stuck in the 90s. 

*silly selfie faces. These fancy phones we all carry around mean we are always on hand to record those special moments and I find both my boys love seeing themselves on the front facing camera. 
*getting in the kitchen. Cooking together or creating together is such fun and it can be as simple as buying some cakes or biscuits. Whipping up some icing and some sprinkles and it's all done. It's messy sure and the sugar high is real but it's also fun. 
* pretending to be anything. From turnings box into a space ship or making a fort out of a blanket and some chairs. These take little time but the joy in their faces is priceless. 

* sundae bar. We do this with ice cream but we used the new #magicsquares yoghurts by Petits Filous to create yoghurt sundaes with the vanilla and strawberry yoghurt. The kids then picked blueberries, strawberries, chocolate buttons and sprinkles to complete them. Served in sundae glasses for big kids and bowls for smallers. Happy children

This post is an entry for BritMums #MagicSquaresPlaydates Linky Challenge, sponsored by Petits Filous.