25 Nov 2014

Love last week #24

Happy smiles. In the midst of a snotty week filled.  
1// bath time with the boys is usually a time for me to take a quick breather. 2// poorly sick me and little. �� but it meant I got extra cuddles and a chill out on the sofa with him. 3//when they both fall asleep. No fussing. No fighting. High five me. 4//one small box two happy kids. 5// homage apple crumble and stitching a new project. 6// few hours out with big to his first new school friend party. 7// daddy time mainly means climbing all over him. 8// a rather lovely new decoration from my mum! 

Hope your weeks were happy too. 

24 Nov 2014

#storysharebloggers : The Snowman

I had this idea. You know one of those things that niggles and plays in the background. The kind that pops into our head one day and it percolates around in brain. And then you think maybe I should really take the plunge and give it a go.

I would like to make a statement first - i am not a pinterest mummy, in no way shape or form. My house is not beautiful, my kids are not stylised, I am not an amazing baker and nor do I own tons of beautiful curated items, I do not sit and create creations with my children regularly and I do not have a wardrobe to be envied. I am a mum, just a mum. We live in a flat, with too much stuff, I feed my family (mainly) nice home cooked meals, we do attempt crafting together, I can bake a decent cake and my wardrobe gets me through the days. 


That does not stop me wanting to be more pinterestable in our life.

In steps : Story Share

We are told by many sources that reading together, sharing stories together, having books in the house and activities that strengthen and reaffirm this, gives our children a good standing. We, like many i'm sure, have books overflowing. I love buying books and love sharing stories with my boys. I am a big reader and carry my kindle with me at all times. I believe that showing our children you reading is also a big part of enforcing good reading habits.

I recently attended a session at M school which talks about how sharing stories and activities that reinforce that story helps develop language and speech in your children. The session explored ideas on how we, as parents, can help strengthen literacy skills. Story Sack was the term they used, based around ideas that are in the book - using creative play, in various forms. 

Now I love the idea of taking a book and finding ways that book can be explored through other mediums of playful learning. Whether that be drawing pictures, making puppets, colouring in sheets, baking cakes or making models. Anything that you can relate to the story - themes in the story, or looking at the illustrations and how to recreate those yourself or even reinacting the story and filming it. 

By extending the story beyond the pages of the book you help your children's experience so much more than just the story. You are helping develop imagination, extend vocabulary, help with positional language. Teaching and showing them that there is so much more than just what that story is, so much more to learn, explore and enjoy together.

We have shelves and shelves of books at home, but seeing as we are approaching the festive season - I felt picking a book with a festive feel would be just the ticket to kick off Share Story. So for December the book for Sharing is The Snowman by Raymond Briggs.

A beautiful story with the most lovely of illustrations. As there is no words its a great book to help develop, strengthen and explore various forms of language.

I already have a few activities I'd like to carry out in December, based around the book. I have setup a pinterest board to help spark ideas and themes for ways to explore this story. Please let me know if you would like to be added to the group board and we can share together. I will also **try** and setup a linky in December (it would be my first!) and any one can link up multiple posts on the subject - all will then be pinned to the board also. I'd really love to see what ideas you do at home, as I said I aspire to be a pinterest mummy - but in reality I'm just a mummy, so any tips on getting creative in a busy home on a budget I'd really really love to see!! 

Please be kind as this is my first of this kind of thing. 

Please also check out the lovely Damson Lane, who weekly picks a book, discusses themes, ideas on exploring the story further at home.

23 Nov 2014

One Whole Year

We did it. Whoop go team Edwards. One whole year of being parents to two boys, to being a family of 4. We made it. A little older, a little more stressed, a little more less money but so much more love. 

We have watched you grow from a little bundle into a walking baby. We have watched from a little thing that dependant solely on us to lift you,carry you, rock you, feed you, hold you to a mini person who is finding his independence, who is such a explorer,  who still wants to be held and carried but knows what he wants. 

We have watched our boys become brothers. It was a shaky start and M was not too sure what was happening but your relationship and friendship has grown. Sure it's not always perfect and we got lots of MUM HES BREAKING MY TOYS. But in time that will come. N will learn to play and build and be like his big brother. Both of you are so pleased to see each other after your days apart. Your both learning to share, to not snatch and that you can wait for things. 

Seeing N grow into a little boy is wonderful. He's such a happy little thing. Loves to be off and exploring. Walking around Usually forging for food of the floor! Damn raisins!! He's a funny little thing and loves to laugh and giggle and be oh so silly! 

We have adapted our lives into ones that contains both boys. Supplying them both with time and love and attention. Switching from talking about one to talking about two.

N is adorable and I am now a fully fledged card carrying mother to a boy and toddler. My boys keep me busy and being a mum of two   - well that is just special.

Still there are days I cannot believe they are mine, the this is my life, that I am a mum. I am not perfect, neither are they but together we are getting through each day. Thats what counts.

18 Nov 2014

Love last week #23

I'm writing this as I feel ever so sorry for myself with a sore throat raging headache and a poorly baby with a streaming nose. But let's focus on the happy!
1// ikea breakfast with this little pickle. He loved it!! 2// makeshift snack table and chair from a little step and a toy box. 3// slow cooked pulled pork for the family. I do struggle with the meals for 4 of us due to timings and picky eaters but some days it comes together. 4// I've been wearing make up more. I look less tired and fresh faced. It's a win. 5// a story sack workshop at school with M. I really enjoyed it and loved seeing him at school.  6// wrapping up the baby for winter chills 7// the search for stocking fillers continues. 8// these two are cheeky 9// watching my dad take little man for a walk along the high street. Special moments for sure. 10// birthday party funs for our goddaughter. 11// I attempted and think I was successful at making chilli jam!