23 Jul 2017

WWALW #5 // Birthday parties, poorly mummy & missing shopping

This weeks post has been delayed due to being so busy with end of term madness. So on Sunday morning in my pj's i'm finally pushing publish and will endavour to get next weeks post up quicker!

 Monday //  we are yumbox owners in this house, but the boys don't often have pack lunch at school (plus my eldest is the most forgetful child that £20 is a lot to loose on a lunch box!). This Monday after a trip out he requested a lunch to graze at. So he had buttered fruit loaf, crisps, mini cucumber, an orange and cheese cubes. Oh and some jelly beans. This kept him more than happy. As I was still feeling ill the husband made me a dinner of crunchy potato cubes, some garlic courgettes (frozen garlic slices for the win!) and some sticky pineapple chicken.

Tuesday // A quick and simple dinner of pasta, some bacon cubes, a bag of spinach snipped with scissors and a tablespoon of ready made cheese sauce. There was even a little leftover for lunch the next day. This was a dinner that was made up with what can i grab at co-op on the way home due to tescos only delivering 2/3 of my shopping late on Friday night!!

Wednesday //  Baked salmon fillets  (picked up on the yellow sticker following a late night trip to the supermarket) with a whole big bag of green beans stir fried with a load of garlic. A little steamed rice (my actual staple in life)

Thursday // Was a little of experiment of mine using some cook from frozen fish, some diced peppers and onions plus a little stock, popped it all in a casserole dish then topped with some sweet potato. I think it still needs some work to make it a good choice, but it did the job. I think adding some choizo to the fish, maybe some chill would make more like a Spanish style fish pie.

Friday // one of my husbands favorite dishes I make - homemade pizza. I've talked about this before as I make out pizzas with no tomato sauce and instead I use a cheese sauce as the base. Tonights topping was pepperoni, spinach and red onion. It was so good!!

Saturday // This day was so busy (nursery fun day, kung fu lessons, shopping being delivered, birthday party for a friend of Maxwell, and then my Nan's 80th Birthday party) which meant that mealtimes and planning went out of the window and it was very much whatever you could grab. At my nan's party it was a lovely buffet of sausages, chicken goujans, bbq belly pork and of course cake.

Sunday // Lazy day recovering after Saturday being so busy. We had a crunchy chicken tacos, corn on the cob and well rice as i am a carb o holic......

Right thats that done, time to wrestle the kids out of the house....


12 Jul 2017

WWALW #4 // Sick kids, sunny days and sore throats

Last week has passed in a blur of calpol stickiness, sweaty kids and a mummy who got ill but had to carry on being mummy. Oh and there was a fair bit of prosecco drinking too. It was very much a week where no matter how much planning you do it can all unravel in an instance. I had donw the weekly shop at Lidl this week - I love doing the odd shop there. I do find I am unable to always get everything on my list but it did pretty well considering.
Monday //  With Beavers starting at 6pm I whipped a quick dinner for the kids, I love the ready made fresh meatballs from Lidl. Great flavour and do not produce tons of fat or water in the cooking. I made a big batch of mash (ready for the grown ups dinner later too). Its a simple dinner, but the portion size and how the meat is presented to my fussy eater it is always a winner. I had a yoga class in the evening so the husband whipped up some sauteed peppers, onions and garlic with steamed basa fillets topped with spinach. It was really yummy dinner.

Tuesday // A quick and cheap dinner tonight. Bacon lardons, spinach and gnocchi. Basically all thrown in a pan one after and another to produce a bowl of food which is rather filling, quick to prepare and one pan and 2 plates to wash up. Always a win. Today was also the day the boys came down with throat infections and colds. Their dinner was more a case of what do you want to eat - which was sausages and some more leftover mash.

Wednesday // Was an actual blur and rush. Dinner was eaten late (hence the lack of picture) but it was garlic steak cooked by the husband - which we ate out of bowls in front of the TV forcing every effort to stay awake in between poorly children waking and needing calpol.

Thursday // We were having my brother in law and a friend round for dinner (they bought prosecco!!) and I did a bit of cheats dinner. A small pork joint in the slow cooker seasoned with bbq sauce, onions and pepper. It was served pulled and shredded with a mixed salad, steamed rice and tacos. It got the thumbs up all round. I also made chocolate brownies for dessert - with fresh raspberries and raspberry ripple ice cream. Pulling out all the stops.

Friday // I had a late start due to nursery sports day and an empty fridge. Having to make an emergency run to sainsburys in the morning for more milk (where does it all go) I picked up a couple of their Chinese ready meal dishes. Chilli beef (my actual favourite!) and lemon chicken. A heat and serve kind of dinner - little man loved it too.

Saturday // We were off outout and I was getting more poorly. Which meant dinner was a lazy affair of chicken nugget selections and dipping sauce. And the kids were no where in site.

Sunday // Following a recovery period from our night out on the tiles, and me with a sore throat my husband fixed us a brunch of brioche rolls, bacon and scrambled egg. Just what the doctor ordered. As I spent most of the day laying on the sofa dinner was also boiled potatoes, crunchy sticky belly pork and corn and the cob. Which I ate extremely slowly.

I'm starting to feel better but had a food shopping disaster which involved Tesco delivery not delivering all my shopping - someone else has ended up with about 1/3 of my weekly shop and with a busy weekend and childcare it means that next week will be a shop as you go type affair.

4 Jul 2017

WWALW #3 // Lazy dinners, rice krispie chicken and BBQ Sundays.

This past week feels like it passed in a blur. Work had been insanely busy, coupled with a headache that would not shift over a couple of days meant that my motivation by the time dinner time came around was lacking.

Monday // I started off the week with great plans and ideas - and made a dinner for the boys. They love chicken nuggets and instead of freezer diving for once I grabbed some chicken tenders, and coated them in flour, egg and rice krispie style cereal before baking in the oven. These were particularly yummy! Me and the big fella finished them off alongside a little roast chicken, new potatoes and tender stem broccoli.

Tuesday // I was feeding just myself this evening as the husband spent some time with his brother on his birthday. I had a little leftover chicken tenders from yesterday which I stir fried with honey, some ginger and soy sauce with a whole pepper. Piled on top of freshly steamed rice was a comforting and lazy dinner

Wednesday // My mother in law had made a huge batch of curry. I love the curry so much. Soft melt in your moth meat, gently seasoned. When I was pregnant with the little one this was my craving... and i picked the boys up from their house and left with an ice cream tub filled to the brim!!

Thursday // I had picked up from Asda a ready to cook back of Bourbon burnt ends. Super simple - heat in oven. At the same time I made some sweet potato wedges and steamed some green beans. The beef end were really tasty and would buy them again.

Friday // Ultimate in laziness. I had after school taken the boys straight to a open air cinema viewing of Trolls. I had picked up snacky bits and ate chips with them while sitting on a picnic blanket in  a field. The husband had had a large late lunch. Which meant our "dinner" was plantain crisps, thin dark chocolate digestive biscuits and a glass of wine. Pushing the boat out!

Saturday // A little more civilized but just as lazy. A out of a jar sauce of macaroni cheese (with added bacon) and garlic bread for 3 out of 4 of us. My eldest is strongly opposed to all types of pasta. He opted for a fish finger sandwich.

Sunday // Was a little BBQ at the in-laws with burgers, chicken skewer kebabs and sausages. Followed my ice cold melon and ice cream.

It was a keep it simple, keep it quick kind of week last week. This week is gearing up to be the same (as I sit at the dinning table with two poorly boys today) Summer colds suck.